Every Tuesday
Naxos 08:00
Paros (Piso Livadi) 08:30
Santorini 17:15
Paros (Piso Livadi) 19:35
Paros (Piso Livadi) 08:20
Santorini (6,5 hours stay) 10:45
Paros (Piso Livadi) 19:30
Naxos 20:00
The Alexander departs for Santorini from the port of Naxos or from Piso Livadi, Paros. Following a two hour journey through the blue Aegean waters where you have the opportunity to enjoy the most breathtaking views, you arrive at the port of Athinios.

There begins a round tour of the island by bus, in the care of a tourist guide who will introduce you to the island, giving information in Greek, English and Italian.  

The complete length of your stay in Santorini is 8 hours which includes stops for walks in the village of Oia and the main town of Fira.
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